Community Health Expert

Community Health Expert

Community Health Expert is a program designed to improve the availability and access to quality healthcare for those residing in rural areas, women and elderly and to give a chance to women of low social income group to become Community Health Experts (CHE) and become micro entrepreneurs.

CHE’s will provide curative and preventive health services to the community by using technology and a digital platform to provide health services where accessibility is an issue like tier 3 cities and villages with high population.

The program identifies the locations / districts and does the mapping of healthcare services that can be provided and trains CHE’s from that area to take up providing healthcare services as an occupation post training.

The potential services can be categorized in the following areas

Primary Care

Leverage local GP network, Teleconsultation, diagnostic tests, treatment plan

Elderly Care 

Need assessment, treatment plan, health benefit sessions

Chronic Disease

Connect with specialists via tele/ video consultation, follow ups & treatment plan implementation, emergency coordination, e-Health records

Tertiary care support &
post operative care 

Support for surgeries in partner hospital and rehabilitation and monitoring plan as per discharge

Be a Volunteer for this program and be a part of the initiative

Anemia test

Basic vitals like
BP, SPO2, height,
weight, pulse

Diabetes tests
like HbA1C, RBS

Pregnancy test

Covid test

Other infectious
disease tests like
malaria, dengue,

Our Partner

Portea Medical is the training and implementation partner for this program.
The program creates market linkages by providing educational regional banners/ posters,
door to door awareness campaigns and uses mobile vans to spread awareness.

Unit Economics

The Moringa cultivation can be a game changer in enhancing incomes of farmers. Moringa can help generate income of around Rs 1.5 Lakh / Acre / Annum as opposed to wheat and paddy giving incomes of around Rs. 20-30 K / Acre / Annum.

The initial input costs for farming including seeds, bio fertilizers, bio pesticides etc is roughly around Rs. 50,000 / Acre and approx. Rs. 25,000 recurring per annum for bio fertilizers, bio pesticides etc

The annual output of drumstick pods can be expected to be around 10 Ton / annum per acre of land with dense cropping and average realization of Rs 20,000 / Ton

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