Bahaar Foundation

Moringa Cultivation

One of the first initiatives of Bahaar Foundation is in the Agriculture sector. Our flagship program is Moringa Cultivation, where we facilitate Skill development, Financing and Market Linkages for the output.
The first pilot for this program is being conducted at Tumkur District in Karnataka where we are facilitating 10 acres of Moringa cultivation. We are excited to partner with Buzz Women, who are assisting with implementation of the program on the ground, including identification and coordination with our farmers, and ongoing management of the program.
Green Planet Agri, experts in Moringa cultivation for the past 8 years, have partnered in this initiative to provide inputs to the farmers, guidance during cultivation and crop lifting at the time of harvest.
These pictures, all taken on the ground in the last few weeks, provide us with assurance that we are progressing in the right direction. Over 95 percent of our seeds have germinated into bountiful, healthy saplings, and will be ready to transplant into soil within the next 6-8 weeks.
With over 50% of our country’s population still engaged in agri and allied activities, we are excited to continue our pursuit of meaningful collaborations to create impact at scale.
Krishnan Ganesh Meena Ganesh Mahita Nagaraj Sivaram Rajangam Uthara Narayanan