Bahaar Foundation

Community Healthcare Entrepreneur

The Community Healthcare Entrepreneur (CHE) program envisions an India where communities become healthcare resilient and have access to quality healthcare.


To ensure last-mile delivery of healthcare services in underserved communities and create sustainable livelihood opportunities


To ensure 1 million families have access to primary healthcare at affordable prices via a network of 10,000 community healthcare entrepreneurs with sustainable livelihood

Our Solution

Empower and equip community members to enable end-to-end preventive and curative primary healthcare solutions at home

Early detection and treatment of patients


The results of the CHE program include community access to critical healthcare services at affordable rates, as well as to diagnostic services and telemedicine. There is reduced pressure on hospitals and better health indicators amongst vulnerable sections of society. At-risk patients gain access to early detection, structured treatment, and end-to-end disease management.

The CHE’s themselves become skilled as local medical service providers. The program serves as an employment opportunity for women in the community, allowing them to be recognised as local influencers and be self-sustained with the potential to earn INR 7-10k/month.





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