Bahaar Foundation


In India, agriculture is one of the most important sectors of occupation, irrespective of state or geography. Over 50% of the national population is engaged in farming or allied agricultural activities.

Bahaar Foundation works with the farming community to identify crops which can either provide a much higher yield per acre than traditional crops, or seek ways to improve the output with their existing crops. We look at opportunities for the farmers to improve their income with their existing infrastructure, or provide facilities for allied activities that can help them augment their income.

Moringa Cultivation

Our flagship program in the agriculture sector is moringa cultivation.





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Agricultural Enterpreneurs

The second flagship program in the agriculture sector is the facilitation of Agri-Entrepreneurs. Bahaar Foundation identifies and recruits district and taluka-based coordinators, who are responsible for facilitating several projects in villages around them.

These Agri-Entrepreneurs are responsible for coordination with FPOs, logistics partners to lift produce, training in various components of agriculture like vermi-composting, value-added agricultural products, production of fertilisers, etc., as well as creating market linkage for the farmers.

The Agri-Entrepreneur program aims to create a self-sustaining model by which, after the initial support and handholding, the individual becomes independent, not just generating a sustainable income for themselves but also creating employment opportunities within their communities.